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Auto Carpet Protection
Temporary protective carpet film for auto reconditioning and restoration specialists, auto dealerships and auto repair shops.

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Auto Plastic Protective Films - Pre-Printed DMR Plastic

Protect carpet from soil, wear and weather with tear and puncture resistant plastic film. Our plastic auto carpet protective film is strong, durable and designed with excellent adhesion for up to 45 days.

Plastic for Automotive Carpet Protection
  •  Easy Installation
  •  Clean Release for Easy Removal
  •  Multiple Sizes
  •  Perfect for Auto Dealerships
  •  Perfect supplement for floor mats screen-printed with dealership logo.

Pre-printed DMR plastic film is available in 3 mil and 4 mil thicknesses. Stocked sizes are as follows (other sizes available):

3 mil, 24" x 500' with 21" perforations
4 mil, 24" x 500' with 21" perforations
4 mil, 24" x 600' with 21" perforations

Specs for 500' roll: Contains 285 individual 24" x 21" floor mats or protects 142 cars with 2 mats per car.

Clear Carpet Guard

We also stock perforated and non-perforated, unprinted plastic for protecting carpet in high-traffic areas. Good for use at auto dealerships, travel trailer sales lots, show homes, or for remodeling projects.

3 mil, 24" x 300' with 21" perforations
3 mil, 21" x 500' with 24" perforations

Perfect for protecting floor mats screen-printed with dealership logo.

See our floor mat page for auto floor mat ordering information.

Plastic Dispenser

This sturdy, custom-made dispenser stays put! No turnovers! May be mounted directly to your work bench.

Requires 28" width and 24" depth.

Protective Plastic Dispenser
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